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5 places you can’t miss in Medellín

Feel Medellín April 9, 2019

1. Botanic Garden

In the center of the city you can find a place wich invites you to learn about botany. More than 1000 species of fauna and floral lodge in this place. Over time, the Botanical Garden became a place of entertainment and a reference point for youth groups, families and any citizen as a natural alternative without getting away from the city.

2. Pink zone

Between “El Poblado” and the lleras square you can find the pink zone of Medellín. In this place varied touristic offer of the city joins. If you are looking for a place to experience the nightlife of the city have, you will find nightclubs, bars, coffees and restaurants. Going up 10th street you will reach the Provenza Sector where there is a varied gastronomic offer for all tastes.

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3. Piedras Blancas

26 km from the center of Medellin, into the Arví natural reserve, it’s the Piedras Blancas Ecological Park, a place full of biodiversity that invites you to explore its beautiful forests, trails, viewpoints and ecological attractions. In the middle of this place you can spend the night and find an entomological museum that hosts more than 16,000 insects and a butterfly garden.

4. Plaza Botero

The hand, Woman with Fruit, Horse and Rider, and Maternity are just some of the works of the 23 bronze sculptures that are exhibited in Plaza Botero. Along with 2 water fountains designed by the artist Fernando Botero, this square invites all public to live an open-air museum and visit the Museum of Antioquia that is in front of the square and exhibits collections of international relevance.

5. The Commune 13

There is no better place to know the identity of a city than its suburbs with the people who live there. The Commune 13 is a place where you can see the transformation that the city has had. The escalators in the middle of an area that in the past was difficult to access invites to experience social transformation through urban art.

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