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Dinner Show “A tribute to Colombia”

Feel Medellín May 11, 2018

Did you know that soon near Medellín you will find in a single place a magical experience that gathers all of Colombian culture, from its spectacular music and its splendid dances to its delicious food.

The show begins when you go up from Medellin to the Alto de las Palmas, a quiet route, adorned with millions of lights that can be seen throughout Medellín as the sun falls, although the temperature starts to drop a little bit, as soon as you enter Sancho Paisa Plaza, you feel at home, a cozy place full of color and kind people.

Without a doubt you will have one of the best welcomes, accompanied by the protagonists of the night, two characters that will take you to travel through the Colombian cultural wealth. A place where time stops, enjoy in calm of a delicious and unique cocktail that you will only have in this Colombian land.

Observe the menu, take a few minutes and choose the dish that will transport you through its smells, textures and flavors.

Meet Colombia’s 4 regions, from the Andean region, the Llanos, the Pacific and Caribbean coast, discover what characterizes them, their typical costumes, their folklore, improvised rhymes and much more.

And what better to finish than an incomparable dessert with sweet and salty touches, accompanied by the best carnival party in Barranquilla with all its characters and their joy, get involved and do not hesitate to leave the table to share with them this great party.

Sancho Paisa Restaurant invites you to the Dinner Show “A tribute to Colombia”, cheer up to live it, program for the next dates June 30th, August 10th. or for December 15th.

An experience you won’t find anywhere else!

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