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First Medellín neighborhood, El Poblado

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Towards the end of the 19th century, “El Poblado” was an area of farms. The accelerated industrial growth of the city increased the expansion of the population and in the 90s the Zona Rosa de Medellín was born around the main park of El Poblado.

In the Lleras Park, just a few blocks away from the park El Poblado is where young people, adults, locals, and tourists gather for the varied offer of coffees, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. A few blocks up is located “Provenza”, an area of varied gastronomy and Via Primavera a street where crafts, design and fashion flourish.

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The hills of El Poblado still retain the names of small families that settled in the area, this is why Parra’s hill, Gonzales’ hill, Bernal’s hill among others owe their names to the first families that came of the area to live.

Walking through the Poblado avenue you can find different places of interest such as La Presidenta Park, a natural area in the middle of the buildings that invites people to take a break and see beautiful flowers. Later, La Milla de Oro, an area of hotels, commercial centers, commercial and banking offices, and entertainment areas.

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