Where to stay in Medellín?

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If you have chosen the city of Medellín to spend your next vacation and you are looking for a place to stay, we will help you so that […]

¡3 Plans to do on vacations!

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Medellín has become a popular tourist destination to tourists that come from all over the world, thanks to its history of transformation, cultural wealth and the number of […]

¡Festival of the ‘silleta’, Santa Elena made tradition!

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Feria de las Flores is approaching and for this reason the city is preparing to share one of its most beautiful cultural expressions. The good news is that […]

Learn all the history of Pablo Escobar in the museum house!

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If the name Pablo Escobar is loud and the questions that you wonder are who is it or who was it? and what he did? Well, in Medellín, […]

Where to party en medellin?

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Medellín, like the best tourist destinations in the world, has a vibrant nightlife, with a wide offer for all tastes, both local and foreign, with variety in the […]

Do you still not know the Color Tour Ayacucho? What are you waiting for!

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Perhaps the word Ayacucho could not sound very familiar to you, for the habitants of Medellín it is. Ayacucho is the name of 49th Street, one of the […]

Color Tour in the Comuna 13 of Medellín.

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A place that you will undoubtedly love when you have visited it. Since you arrive at the San Javier del Metro station, you perceive that family atmosphere that […]

If you come to Colombia don’t try the coffee

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Did you know that this essential drink in the morning, necessary to start the day, is the second most drank in the world after water? Approximately 1.400.000.000 (one […]

Enjoy the best experiences with Feel Medellín!

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Considering the constant growth of the tourism industry in the recent years, Medellín city has increased 160% the arrival of tourists between 2008 and 2016 (based on reliable […]