Guatapé a magical full color place

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If you have the opportunity to visit this magical town, you will be lucky to marvel your senses with a show full of color and magic with amazing landscapes, the warmth of its people, the incredible weather and finally stay with the feeling of having to return.

One of its main attractions is the rock of Guatapé, which is admired not only for its large size, but also for the view it offers from its peak. A landscape accompanied by mountains, fresh air and a spectacular reservoir that adorns the horizon, where the green of the mountains mixes with the blue of the sky allowing the color that receives the water to be a messenger of sublime tranquility.

Going into the town, a square is located, which is a place for meeting and gathering, where besides being surrounded by the steps filled with baseboards there is also a variety of buildings that stand out for their particular exterior, bright colors that they wrap the visitors in the so-called plaza de los zócalos.


Near the main park is the most emblematic street of the municipality, called the street of memories, with cobblestone floors and facades that highlight the vocations of its inhabitants where the memories of a thriving people are portrayed.

And in contrast to so much culture and tradition, is the so-called internal sea, the reservoir that, already observed from above, invites you to walk on its waters, from a quiet navigation knowing the different islands that stand out, perform water activities or enjoy walking on the jetty that surrounds the reservoir, contemplating the sunset that is drawn at the distance between pink and orange, without a doubt a naturally beautiful moment that you will not want to miss.

Guatapé, one of the most sublime places, not only of Antioquia but also of Colombia … many adventures await you there.

You can live this experience, if you visit Colombia or you are already here, come and get to know the history of this picturesque town at the hands of Feel Medellín.

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