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If you come to Colombia don’t try the coffee

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Did you know that this essential drink in the morning, necessary to start the day, is the second most drank in the world after water? Approximately 1.400.000.000 (one thousand four hundred million) of cups are consumed daily, which puts coffee in a privileged spot in the preferences of the consumers.

The main places where coffee is harvested are located in South America, Central America, Caribbean, Africa and Asia. However, approximately 67% of it is cultivated in Vietnam, Brasil and Colombia.

Reading these facts, have you considered the amount of coffee you take daily, or the importance of it in your routine? There is nothing better than having a good coffee, but what better than having the best coffee in the world!

In Colombia coffee is part of the culture; farmer’s expertise in the crop and the whole process, and also their privileged land to produce this delightful product, make it one of a kind. There’s no doubt tar Colombian coffee is the best in the world!

If you are part of this group of coffee lovers, we will warn you, do not try Colombian coffee because you will fall in love immediately. If you decide to fall into temptation of trying the best coffee in the world, don’t hesitate to enjoy the coffee tour in Medellín surroundings, the landscapes you will see, the coffee you will taste, the culture you will meet, will stay in your heart forever and will make you remember them in the first sip in the morning during the rest of your life.

Now that we are sure that you want to know it all about the best coffee in the world, come and discover with the experts the detailed process of crop, harvest and processing of the coffee bean, learn first-hand what is needed to transform the red coffee cherries into the best coffee cups of the world. All this through a tour where you will visit traditional towns of Antioquia, where you will have:

  • Travel to Carolina del Príncipe, Salto de Guadalupe, then to Angostura where you will know its colonial architecture.
  • Visit to a coffee farm, where you will learn the coffee process and taste a delightful coffee cup,
  • Professional bilingual guide
  • Private transport
  • Lunch
  • Travel insurance

Interested? Book now with Feel Medellín  the guadalupe jump and process of coffee tour.


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