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Restaurants of local gastronomy, many; As Sancho Paisa, none!

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The Colombian gastronomy is quite diverse and attractive for tourists and locals and in Medellín city there are plenty of places where traditional Colombian and Paisa food is offered, but there’s no doubt the most traditional and delicious is Sancho Paisa!

Sancho Paisa was created in 1999 and since then it has been in charge of delighting the palates of locals and foreigners who are looking for a gastronomic experience that preserves the tradition that our ancestors left us. Today Sancho Paisa has four restaurants strategically located; the first one, which was the place where the restaurant started, is located in the roundabout towards the JMC airport at kilometer 16 via las palmas, the second one located at km 1 of the variant to Caldas, the third one is located in the municipality of Rionegro, and the fourth one and most recent is different and innovative space, located a few meters from the main restaurant in via las palmas in Plaza Pakita, it is Sancho Paisa Plaza where the delicious traditional food is accompanied by a cultural show with music, dance and theater; A whole dining experience for the whole family.

The two most beautiful and touristic regions of Antioquia are the southwest and the east and on both roads to the regions there is a Sancho Paisa on the way, so, do not waste time thinking about where you are going to eat, Sancho Paisa is your compulsory stop if you are going there.

You already know, the obligatory place to enjoy the local cuisine is Sancho Paisa, where you can also enjoy a wide variety of dishes. Come and let yourself be surprised by its excellent service and quality.

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