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Top 6 places to visit Medellín

Maria Alejandra October 26, 2018

One of the reasons why tourists like to visit Medellin is because it has a variety of places to go and enjoy the culture of the city. In this opportunity we will provide you with a list with some amazing places and things to do in Medellín that will be useful in your next visit to this town.

Gastronomy: Sancho Paisa

Food in Medellin is all about variety and flavors, but one restaurant is special because of its home seasoning. Sancho Paisa Restaurant offers a Menu with amazing options of Colombian food added to a great environment and the amazing weather of Medellin.

Don’t worry if you can’t eat specific foods, the menu of Sancho Paisa has a grand variety of dishes, going from the spectacular and cultural Bandeja Paisa, to vegetarian food. You will have so many options that it will be hard to choose, but everything is really good.

Culture: Casa Gardeliana

Medellin is a city full of culture, surounded by museums and made of streets that tell a story. Casa Gardeliana is one of these special places where anyone can enjoy and fully appreciate music culture.

Casa Gardeliana is a museum that dedicates to show the old belongings of Carlos Gardel, the famous and classical Tango singer. This museum is located where this talented man died in an airplane crash back in 1935. A place full of history, culture and music.

Transformation: Cerro Moravia

Medellín is a great example of transformation through hard work. Cerro Moravia was a garbage mountain, but in 1984 things started to change and it began to be a Little town, with houses that were built above the garbage.

With time and hard work, this garbage mountain transformed in a beautiful urban garden located almost in the center of Medellín, and has set an example of positive change for societies all over the world.

Shopping: San Alejo Market

Every first Saturday of the month we are able to go to San Alejo Market, located in Bolivar Park. In this popular market you can find clothe, handicrafts and souvenirs from Medellin. But is only one time at the month so be ready!

Entertainment : Explora Park

In this beautiful natural museum, you will be able to enjoy different activities while you learn about Colombian fauna and nature. Also, you can learn about history and culture of Colombia in this wonderful place.

Nature: San Cristobal

Medellin is a natural park by itself, but San Cristobal is a beautiful mix of nature and city. One of the most famous attractions of San Cristobal, is the great variety of beautiful and colorful flowers.

Medellín is a great option for visiting on vacations. Let yourself immerse in the magic of this beautiful city. We will be here to welcome you!

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