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Why visit Medellin?

Maria Alejandra October 26, 2018

Sadly, Colombia has one of the most violent histories in the world. But now, the dark days have passed and we can enjoy this jewel of LatinAmerica. One of the most named cities which is famous by the beauty of its mountains is Medellin, known also as the city of the eternal spring. Sounds amazing, but we can give you even more reasons to visit and enjoy Medellin.

Why visit Medellin?

The Natural beauty

Medellin is located in the Andes Mountains, that means that we will be able to see mountains anywhere we turn our heads. But this is not the only beauty of Medellin, being almost like a natural lung to Colombia, Medellin is full of natural parks to enjoy, walk, breath fresh air and take amazing pictures

Stunning towns

Colombian coffee is one of the most delicious in the world and if you come to Medellín you will be able to see and enjoy some of these amazing colombian coffee farms, and most important to delight yourself with the smell. Also, the view of the towns is incredible, getting to know the diversity of Medellin, which is the result of the mix of colonial buildings and modern architecture.


Food is one of the most important things when we travel, because is part of the process of trying new things. Medellin is full of restaurants with amazing plates and we truly recommend to taste the famous Bandeja Paisa that will take your senses to heaven.

City of Eternal Spring

Medellin has temperatures from of 22°C to 30°C, what makes a warm temperature for almost the whole year. No wonder why Medellin has always a beautiful blue sky, perfect to enjoy the nature.

Medellin has many reasons to be visited, but the most important is knowing that you will have one of the most amazing experience of your life, thanks to all the options to have fun in this gorgeous city!

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