Commune 13 an graffiti experience

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Commune 13 is one of the sixteen that conform Medellín. This one in particular has a social transformation history about a neighborhood marked by violence.

The story that you can heard today of the Commune 13 is very different to one half century ago. The street’s transformation, people and culture has made this place a particular place of interest for any visitor.

The best way its people found to reborn was through street art. Graffitis in this neighborhood are the ones with the largest coverage per square meter in Medellín and they can be found in every corner. Due to explotion of creativity this place was prepared to receive international great artists and to have walls marked with their images.

The innovative idea of building escalators in an area where the entrance was complex marked a milestone in the way of reinventing itself as a tourist destination wich every local or foreign person should know.

From Feel Medellín we celebrate every social change and transformation. So we invite you to live an unique experience with an authentic urban artist and learn from the beginning of this movement and experience it with a graffiti can in hand next to the people you love.

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