Plaza Botero

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What used to be the Antioquia’s government office is today an unmissable point of interest for locals and visitors that are interested in learning more about the history of the city. This place is an important point of transformation and memory. You can find 23 bronze sculptures of Fernando Botero the artist whom gave the name to this square.

In this open-air museum just a few away meters from the Parque Berrio Metro station you can find the most representative works of Botero such as La Mano, Hombre a Caballo, Soldado Romano, (who gives success in love just by touching his private parts) among others.

In this square, you can also find the Antioquia’s Museum, founded in 1881, preserves paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and other works of pre-Hispanic, colonial and contemporary art.

The square has two water fountains and natural spaces with green Hedges that creates a beautiful center for local consumption where diverse vendors join to attend any need.

Enjoy a tour of around here and other heritage places of Medellín that have marked the paisa culture.

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