Do you still not know the Color Tour Ayacucho? What are you waiting for!

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Perhaps the word Ayacucho could not sound very familiar to you, for the habitants of Medellín it is. Ayacucho is the name of 49th Street, one of the longest and oldest streets in Medellin, it is part of our history and it’s currently under transformation.

From the city center, specifically in the San Antonio station, where the tram route starts and towards the east, this magnificent experience takes place.

Immerse yourself in the daily life of the paisa people; observe around you the dynamics of the city center. Take a look at the tram as you breathe culture, enjoy the path, and contemplate every place you go through. Medellín is without a doubt, the best place to get away from everyday routine and let yourself be surprised.

Get to the end of the tram line and enjoy one of the best views of Medellin from the top, a walk where you will learn a little more about our neighborhoods and the social context in which they live.

And back again to the city center, why not to enjoy the open-air gallery with the incredible street art that gives life to each step we take, different techniques, colors and stories captured in the facades, connecting us with one of the oldest neighborhoods in Medellín, the Buenos Aires neighborhood, which according to its inhabitants does not miss anything, there you will find a spectacular gastronomic corridor to enjoy the local food and taste the best ice cream flavor in Latin America.

Keep walking; you will realize that this place still keeps that nostalgia of the past and traditional, while mixing with the modern. A place that pays tribute to its name, because only good airs are breathed there.

Get to know this new Medellin, that without forgetting its past, it reinvents day by day and through the Color Tour Ayacucho you will witness it, Feel Medellín will accompany you!

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