Pic tour Medellín, a story in each lens.

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The city of Medellín is the perfect place to capture the most spectacular landscapes and in any cardinal point you will be able to capture all its charm.

If you are a professional photographer, an amateur photographer or a passionate traveler, Medellin is the city for you.

There’s no better way to go around the city with a local guide that takes you to the most authentic places in Medellin. Stop the time with each one of the pictures, you will be surprised with what you will find.

During the Pic tour, an experience that evokes each of the senses since you walk through the neighborhood, you greet the people, you focus with your eyes, you hold your breath as you listen as the camera trigger, save the best of memories, and, last but not least, you will try one of the best fruit ice creams in the city.

Finally, you will be convinced to find yourself in the best of the scenarios. Share your experience with your friends and tell them to take out the Best Pic Medellín, do not forget that Feel Medellín accompanies you.

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