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Feel Medellín was born because of a frequent question among us. How do they see us from the outside? The first thing that comes to mind to us in Medellin when we think about our city is its people, its mountains, the blue sky, the metro, Pueblito Paisa, our admirable Museum of Antioquia and the sculptures of Parque Botero, a good ‘bandeja paisa’, the arepa … and so many things that would never end.

And then, is these what foreigners see? Unfortunately, the stereotypes and the bad reputation that has spread throughout the world, the past that we carry on our backs as if it was a stone bag, reinforced by soap operas, series, films and some media, results in the way in which they think and they look at us from the outside.

More than complain, because it was a reality that we lived, a story that we can never erase, I think the change of how they see us will come appropriating us from that same history as inhabitants, survivors and connoisseurs of what really happened, but more importantly, is to be active agents of what is happening today.

Show past and present contrast, which surprises even to us, through tours, local guides, our great gastronomic and nightlife offer, our diversity, landscapes and the most important thing that is its people resulted in the creation of Feel Medellín, a city guide as a collaborative agent for content and action with the aim of showing our history of transformation and great potential through tourism. Sounds good, right?

To do this, we test and approve products, places and services, generate content and chronicles with our experiences and help domestic and foreign tourists to know the real Medellin.
The history of the past cannot be erased, but the history of today and tomorrow it can be built.

Feel Medellín and our team, is passionate about our city and its changes, its people and history that we do not try to hide but to transform it; not to strut with the typical sensationalism that sells, but to feel proud of what there is today, of the evolution that we have achieved one by one and of the potential that we have as a city and as a society.
The showman is not the ‘patrón’ (Pablo Escobar), the showman is each one of us. Feel it!

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