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Guatapé, the colorful town

Feel Medellín April 13, 2019

Better known as the town of the Plinths because it has more than 90 colorful designs in bas-relief in its houses facades. Guatapé is a pretty colonial town north east of Medellin filled with fresh water sources such as water springs, rainforests and beautiful mountains perfect for hiking. These are just a few of the many natural resources this place has to of

The kindness of its people it’s also an attraction of the town. You can interact easily with the local people at the town’s main square. You’ll find many family restaurants, local craft stores and artists that´ll invite you to explore more about their local products.

You’ll also enjoy the reservoir in a tour in a deep boat or a ship, feeling the fresh breeze in your face under the bright sun in a usually deep blue sky.

Just a few kilometers away from the town is the monumental rock of “el Peñol”, a monolith 220 meters tall halfway between el Peñol town and Guatapé. To climb the rock you have to take 700 stair steps while you reconstruct your view of the reservoir. Once on top you’ll have an amazing 360° view of the waterways and islands that compose this amazing spectacle.

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