Jardín, A dream place

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A “heritage town” is a title that only three towns in Antioquia have, Jardín is one of them that between its exuberant nature and the beauty of its coffee farms has become in a symbol of the dominant “arriera” and farmer tradiction of its people.

The kindness of its people is also one of the main attractions of this place located in Antioquia’s southeast, the treatment for each product is also reflected in the sweetness of their fruits and the characteristic flavor of its coffee that only handcrafted experience and love for what they do, they can give.

Wonder, at the place where even stones has a story to tell, witness of this is the main church built in its totality with carved stones showing a neo gothic temple as the main reference point.

At this valley you can observe diversity kinds of flowers that decorate the view. Guayacanes, bromelias, carnations and beautiful begonias that show their petals in the colorful balconies.

If you are looking for beautiful people, an escape from the monotony and feel the sweet aroma of coffee, Feel Medellìn gives the opportunity to enjoy this dream place.

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