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¡Festival of the ‘silleta’, Santa Elena made tradition!

Feel Medellín June 25, 2018

Feria de las Flores is approaching and for this reason the city is preparing to share one of its most beautiful cultural expressions. The good news is that you do not have to wait until the month of August to get so much joy and color. You can enjoy the Festival of the ‘Silleta’ all year round.

Plan yourself with its spectacular agenda, an activity every month, so that you know our cultural heritage and immersing yourself among the flowers.

The next activity will be the ” Festival of Recognition, Exploration of the Manifestation ”, on July 14th. The appointment is at 3 p.m. in the main park of Santa Elena, you cannot miss it!

Take advantage of these special dates in Santa Elena and live a super ‘silletera’ experience, we invite you to know our silletero tour. Feel Medellín accompanies you!

August 18 – Anecdotes del Fogón with the Pioneers Silleteros.

September 08 – What makes us Heritage.

October 13 – Back to the Oral Tradition Myths and Legends of Santa Elena.

November 10 – Santa Elena, Flowers Expedition.

December 1 – Cultural Christmas, Tradition and Family.


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