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Learn about coffee with Feel Medellín

Feel Medellín September 25, 2018

Did you know that coffee is the second drink most drunk in the world after water? And did you know that there are two types of coffee: the Arabica and the robust?

To make the explanation easier, let’s think about the difference between a woman and a man. How do you imagine man? maybe strong, serious and sparing. And how do you imagine the woman? Sweet, loving, dedicated and very sentimental? Well, that’s how Arabica coffee is defined, which makes us think of a woman and the robust one that makes reference to man.

In Colombia, the type of coffee usually sowed is Arabica. But would you like to know the continuation of this story?

We invite you to immerse yourself so that you get to know step by step the history and the coffee process told by one of the best baristas in Colombia with international recognition.

Live a coffee experience and delight yourself by tasting the types of coffee, the different ways of doing it and the different coffee-based products in this wonderful place.

What are you waiting for to book this experience with us!


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