Learn all the history of Pablo Escobar in the museum house!

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If the name Pablo Escobar is loud and the questions that you wonder are who is it or who was it? and what he did? Well, in Medellín, it’s the right place to know first-hand the facts of the past that have marked our present and found in the living memory of a country and the entire world.

For nobody is a secret that the city of Medellín has been known in the world for its past, considered one of the most violent cities in the decade of 2000s, which to date is still living the consequences, and mainly the effects of drug trafficking, murders and car bombings ordered by Pablo Escobar, a person who did a lot of damage to our city and to date the wounds caused by it remain latent.

If you come to Medellín and want to know everything about Pablo Escobar, give one opportunity to this beautiful city to tell you its own story from the voice of the victims, we invite you to visit the House of Memory Museum, a space created to contribute to the transformation of the city through processes of historical memory construction, cultural and citizen participation.

A house that allows the meeting to sensitize the population about the impacts of conflict and violence. No doubt you will know and understand the reality of a city and a country that makes a great effort shows your best version.

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